Assist- in life stages, transition, and support

Endless Possibilities focuses on improving participant's ability to design and create their own supports, with a focus on connecting to wider support networks in a dynamic service delivery environment.

Coordination of Supports also entails coaching and collaborating with participants to put the plan into action by improving their ability to engage with larger support networks, appreciate the function of the supported supports, and participate in the group.

This support assists you in connecting with the group and wider support networks, as well as developing awareness about the plan's funding and intent.

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The participant can be assisted for
  • Capacity building skills

  • Life planning and goal planning

  • Financial mentoring

  • Daily planning and Budgeting

  • Development of independent self-care and living skills

  • Establish supportive networks in a client’s community circle

  • Linkage support to other supportive community services and programs

  • Assistance with accommodation and tenancy obligations

  • Life transition planning including mentoring, peer support and individual skill development

  • Assistance with decision making

“Every morning, the sun rises with endless possibilities that give you endless opportunities to begin again and to create a brand-new life.”