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Our Story

The creation of Endless Possibilities NT (EPNT) was far from spontaneous. It was well thought out and brainstormed by a group of people with longstanding experience in the field of community service. In 2020, after a rigorous process, it was decided to launch the organisation. The name Endless Possibilities was chosen to reflect the scope of the change of landscape brought about by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The founding principles of the organisation bring a diverse range of knowledge, skills, and experience to the project. These are important factors essential to the delivery of the Person-Centred approach to be advanced by the organisation. Just after few years of inception, Endless Possibilities went on to win the Australian Enterprise Award “Most Person-Centred Daily Living Support Organisation Northern Territory 2023” and the Northern Territory Disability Inclusion Awards “Highly Commended Excellence in Supporting Mental Health disabilities and recovery programs (Psychosocial Disability)”. These awards have certainly boosted the moral of the company team members and aspire do our best in providing quality care to our participants.

represent respect.


represent trust.


represent Equality.


represent teamwork.


represent accountability .


represent person centered .

Person centered

Our Main Focus

We strongly believe each tier of government should play an effective role in making sure that all facets of society, including public services, are accessible for people with a disability. People with a disability often miss out on equal access to transport, housing, community access and education. At EPNT, we want to partner up with people living with a disability and their carers, to make society inclusive and productive.

Summary of Our Aim

  • To allow access to the options within the community that provides equality to choices such as, socialisation opportunities for people

  • To advocate on behalf of people living with disability

  • To provide a suitable housing and support options for people living with a disability

Vision Statement

To be:

  • a leading disability organisation in providing Person- Centered, high-quality services and products

  • trusted, reliable, and outcome focused organisation in the community

  • known as an organisation that maximises the products in the interest of the people.

Let’s Walk Together

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